Three Months EP

by Daydreamer

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written/recorded summer '13


released October 1, 2013

guitar: derryk recchia
bass, vocal: bill shaner
drum: nick monica

recorded by ian van opijnen

album art by brian nogueira



all rights reserved


Daydreamer Milford, Massachusetts

milford/boston, ma. pretty good at craigslist.

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Track Name: Asphodel
writing poems with our wrists. a better language, this is it. speaking tongues birthed in the mud they danced in. we dance on, young lions, we skeletons.

strapped a charge to my center beam. release, release! tore my building to the ground. i had my way -- dust, debris. long due drive from arrested heart by way of 95. i found a ripple, a voice. found my foggy mountain top. found everything.

telling empty rooms all the things i can't tell you. all the nameless words that you don't want to hear. but they don't mean much: war poems to seize the calm that keeps the worm out. and they keep it out just fine.

howl, moan, convinced that i am not alone for a moment. howl, moan, soul sitting on a nameless throne, humming psalms to the gemini moon. from this lonely peak. this foggy mountain top.

it's not as good as you but it'll do.
Track Name: Over My Shoulder
you've got your frogs, i've got my wizard. talking to me, talking through you. it's a gift! treat it like one. you see what others only sense. don't let it swallow you whole, trip it out, don't fry on it. it's a gift. don't let it swallow you. it's a gift.

you've got me! put the weight on me. and tell me: what are those pills gunna do? do you really think those white coats know what's best for you? put the weight on me. i've got you. put the weight on me or let it swallow you whole.
Track Name: Done with the Compass, Done with the Chart
i know you're scared. hell, i've been there so many times before. when the rock's just out of reach and the hard place feels like the floor beneath your feet. you're so confused! don't know what to do or where to turn, and everything turns too fast. just want something simple to last.

i was unfair, not unkind, but a weight upon your life you didn't need. i'll give you time. life's hard enough as "i." we're all just following through.

young evergreens plant their roots, grow slowly.

in memory a loose plank adrift at sea, searching for coast that keeps moving. lost no more! i can smile behind me.

i've a hand at the wheel and one holding out for you. a state park night drive and i've stripped the rear-view.