hardly there

by daydreamer

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Mish It is exactly the perfect album to me, this last song moves me every single time I hear it, I get lost. It brings me to a place of content. I really can't believe the world isn't aware of this album.. they need to hear it Favorite track: cycles / heavy in between.
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released May 14, 2014

written by daydreamer fall '13 / winter '14. engineered and mixed by ian van opijnen at the echo room studios. mastered by jamal ruhe at west west side music. thanks for listening.



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Daydreamer Milford, Massachusetts

milford/boston, ma. pretty good at craigslist.

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Track Name: last winter
little bird in a plywood room, laying thick on the wood stain, keep your bars tucked away. but your bars tucked away still make up a cage.

describe the last cloud you remember, i bet you couldn't if you bothered. i've watched you bang on the ground and expect well water. the worst part is you get it every time. little bird.
Track Name: floor nap
stared into a void as i slept. figured it shallow to think anyone could be staring back. kept moored to the bottom. held myself down with white knuckles clenched, head pressure, tightened chest, like a trial rooted in fear -- as if the first breath would erase the little part of you that i had left.

but i saw a light flicker and hold to tones, a long dead light flicker and hold to tones. i saw that light respond to your name screamed and set to song. i saw a sign. i saw that light respond.

and i know you're found. a world's length away from me. i know you're watching. if time allowed i'd send smoke signals to the moon to hear you're proud. what time allows. i could live 100 years and not find out, but that's fine because

you exist in me phenomenologically, and i'm proud. you're watching and found. i'm proud of you. can you feel my heart beat? i love you. know that i don't ache like i used to because i've found you too.

and it won't be long 'til i'm there with you in dust, haunting streets we used to roam. a new home.

see you soon.
Track Name: fragments
wet leaves. quiet stereo. summer turned fall on the long way home. tape deck lessons, windows to another time. stress aside, today i feel just fine. late november, the crisp smell of another coming winter -- in as sharp as listerine and out like a cumulus. thick, evaporating, hardly there.

i want love like fresh air to leaves. found life and death to be still pond and setting sun, mirrored and reflecting. the big dreams, slight of syntax in collegiate speak, don't speak so loud anymore. but the trees here before and after and the going nowhere, the nothing. who knew.
Track Name: cycles / heavy in between
i know, i trust you're not going anywhere, i just get scared sometimes. i trust you know that i'm not going anywhere, i just get scared. overwhelmed in the best way.

"as we grow older, the world becomes stranger, the patterns more complicated."

and i know you're a little more aware than you care to be. but i know this isn't something that comes around too frequently.

"as we grow older, the world becomes stranger, the patterns more complicated." and as i grow older, i see my friends trade stranger for safer. a looming fear of the settle down.

two octobers: one spent kicking leaves and begging old bones to roll over, the other spent napping days away. and the in between, i'd take a step to you and you'd take two steps away. but i know that you know the difference between in love and indebted. so i hope you know that when you leave, you leave safely.

i know it's not going anywhere, i just get scared.